I Love You Canvas


SKILL LEVEL (1-5): 2

TIME TO COMPLETE: 1 hour (allowing for drying time)


Little Yellow Bicycle:

#CSS-108 LYB Birthday Banners Stamp Set


26643 Momenta 8 x 8 Watercolor Cardstock Pad

#25554 Momenta Silver Doily Stickers

#23332 Momenta Natural Alpha



Pink Paint

Pink Cardstock

Black Ink

Foam Tape

Clear Stamping Block

6 x 6 Canvas


Paper Trimmer

1/8” Hole Punch


Step 1. Paint canvas with watered down pink paint. Let dry. Sand lightly for a slight distressed look.

Step 2: Trim pink paper from the watercolor pad to slightly smaller than the canvas. Trim a second piece of paper from the same pad to ¼” smaller than the first measurement.

Step 3: When canvas is dry, adhere layered papers using a dry adhesive.

Step 4: Apply black ink to the Natural chipboard letters.

Step 5. Trim photo, (approximately 2 ½ x 3 ½) and double mat on cardstock and a scrap from the watercolor pad. Use Foam Tape to achieve dimension between the layers if desired.

Step 6: Stamp the pennant stamps 3 times and trim to the edge.

Step 7. Use the 1/8” Hole Punch to punch two holes on each pennant, so they can be hung on the twine. See the example for approximate placement.

Step 8: Decorate the pennants with a silver doily sticker, trim any excess and use on the remaining pennants. Add a letter to each pennant, be sure to spell the word correctly. Put a piece of foam tape or pop dot on the backside of each pennant.

Step 8: Cut a piece of twine approximately 14” – long enough to wrap around the canvas and secure in a knot on the front side.

Step 9: Add the pennants to the twine and add to the canvas. Tie the ends of the twine in a knot on the front side of the canvas and trim any excess. Secure the pennants permanently in place on the canvas with the foam tape.

Step 10: Add the silver doily to the canvas, using the sample for placement.

Step 11: Add the photograph.

Step 12: Add the rest of the words to the canvas.